Background and identity

Our origins have driven our development and experience.

In 2019, with an already extensive track record of several decades in specialisation and convinced of the need to focus their efforts on specialised consulting services within the scope of industrial property, Miguel Vidal-Quadras and Oriol Ramon founded VIDAL-QUADRAS & RAMON, a law firm solely involved in this field of law, with a high level of qualification.

This specialisation provides us with exhaustive expertise on matters within our competence and enables us to offer this experience to our clients and to other professionals in the legal field and those in other sectors. They find a trustworthy partner in us with which they can rest assured that their corporate interests are protected.

The lawyers at VIDAL-QUADRAS & RAMON have the required skills and experience to render the thorough and exhaustive service that is needed for cases of enormous complexity in the field of industrial property.

We consider it is crucial to offer high-quality and in-depth advice with the greatest integrity and transparency, firmly based on analysis, experience and creativity. Specialisation is a particularly important value in the services we render in a field such as industrial property.


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