Our professionals have a longstanding track record and extensive experience in intellectual property litigation and dispute settlement. We rely on a highly specialised and skilled team of lawyers who have taken part in some of the most noteworthy and significant lawsuits in Spain related to all kinds of technologies and industries and have contributed to the development of doctrine and case law in their field.

Most of the lawyers at the firm have obtained a PhD in law or have taken postgraduate courses and are used to cooperate with experts in the fields in which they provide their advice who offer the knowledge enabling us to fully understand the technical complexity of the problems we are faced with in each case along with the specific features of each sector.

We represent our clients in the civil, administrative and criminal jurisdictions, on EU trade mark and design litigation at the Court of Justice of the European Union and act before the Spanish and European authorities in the field of exclusive rights and competition law. We also help our clients settle disputes in the fields in which we provide counsel before both national and international conciliation or arbitration bodies.

We look back on many years of involvement in multijurisdictional projects requiring consistent legal coordination. Our experience extends to advising national clients in their strategy at a European or global level as well as to foreign clients within the Spanish territory.