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What do we do

We undertake a commitment to offer a wide range of services

Litigation and dispute settlement

Our professionals have a longstanding track record and extensive experience in industrial and intellectual property litigation and dispute settlement.


We provide our clients with strategic advice and practical and commercial expertise regarding the various facets referred to in the regulations.


We render an integral service related to industrial and intellectual property.

Our Values

Why you should work with us

We know what we are doing, we enjoy it and we do it well.


Our mission is to help ensure that industrial and intellectual property rights are respected and the rules governing competition in the market are applied in order to achieve business targets fairly and equally, improving people’s lives.



We believe in the industry and the market improving people’s quality of life. Our clients’ projects have an economic, social and political impact that we feel proud of and it is an honour to be able to contribute to them being carried out. We therefore endeavour to assist our clients in finding a solution to their problems related to industrial and intellectual property and competition with integrity, transparency and offering a high-quality service.



We believe and trust in the law as a tool for justice to be served and for settling disputes.

A calling for service

We consider our profession from the standpoint of endeavouring to find a solution to our clients’ problems in accordance with the law and to assist them in this process to seek a fair solution. However, we should not forget that sometimes there are two parties asking for justice to be served from two opposing perspectives. On a wall in the lobby of the Ciudad de la Justicia in Barcelona, without particularly drawing any attention, there is a poem by the poet Salvador Espriu. We transcribe an extract below that poetically expresses this calling for service that we deem must be applicable to every lawyer: “Never expect to leave a mark, because you are merely the most humble of servants. Your only masters are forever those that are unprotected and suffer. Except God, who has placed you below everyone’s feet”. (A free translation of the XXIV poem of La Pell de Brau, 1960).

Experience and specialisation

We deem that the experience acquired by studying and practicing law and, in some cases, along with the knowledge of the special features of certain market and industrial sectors are determining factors in order to provide the right advice to our clients and to act on their behalf, whenever necessary, in the courts.

This includes our lawyers’ specialisation in some specific fields of law for the purpose of obtaining in-depth knowledge that will result in being to the benefit of the service we offer and render.

Integrity, transparency, respect and trust

We have a debt with our clients, colleagues and the public institutions and, in particular, the courts, we hence make an effort in our services and actions to ensure they are honest, transparent and respectful to all of them. The trust our clients place in us is decisive and must be mutual, based on the comprehension and understanding of the specific problem and personal situation. We consider our actions must be based on the conviction that our client is right pursuant to the law.

Ethics, morality and loyalty

We consider these are values that must be applied in all human relationships. The deontological rules governing our profession are not only an obligation but an essential part of how we understand the profession.   

Confidentiality and privacy

Professional secret is a fundamental aspect that must govern our profession. The trust our clients place in our firm when hiring us is also based on this.

Training and talent

Our lawyers have outstanding specialised training in the fields of activity in which the law firm renders its services, with skills for analysis, reflection, excellent written and verbal expression and an in-depth point of reference. This training is ongoing and is enriched by practicing the profession.

Personal growth

It is not only important for our professionals to have the skills to work and to love the profession, but also to understand, respect and be good colleagues in order to form a human team and a pleasant environment for working together that includes the diversity of any group of people. It should also be recalled that it is a matter of working to live and not the other way around.


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