At VIDAL-QUADRAS & RAMON, we start from the reality of sector and market of our clients to offer them solutions tailored to their needs in the fields of intellectual property, competition law and information society.

The firm was founded on our desire to provide exclusive and specialised services in these fields, ranging from pre-contentious, contentious and contractual advice to assisting our clients in devising their strategy on the market.

In the context of market globalisation, over the last few decades we have experienced an increasingly growing complexity in the cases in which we are involved. In particular in patent and know-how matters, which require a comprehensive understanding of the problem that takes into account all the legal, economic and technical aspects.

We are keenly aware that our clients require advice founded on in-depth knowledge not only at a legal level but also of the market on which they operate, their industry and the practice of the courts.

All this has led us to a firm belief that a high level of training and specialisation of both, each individual lawyer involved in providing advice and the team as a whole, are required to respond to these needs. We use all our intellectual and material resources to meet our clients’ specific needs with the thoroughness, depth and experience required for each case.