We are committed to excellence and share our clients’ excitement for their projects, taking into consideration the opportunities available and informing them of the risks implied.

We apply our lawyers’ theoretical and practical knowledge of industrial and intellectual property law to the cases entrusted to us and we promote the training of economic operators and knowledge about the legal instruments available in order to encourage our clients to make the best use of the resources offered to them by the law depending on the needs in each sector and market.

We are aware of the importance of the cases entrusted to us and the strategy and decisions that must be adopted; hence the time we spend laying a solid foundation is always a good investment.

Our advice is always based on being actively involved in our clients’ business projects and on our knowledge of their needs and possibilities, with a firm commitment to finding the most suitable strategy to protect their interests.

To a reasonable extent for a professional firm like ours, we also spend some of our time and professional skills on pro bono cases to support causes we consider to be fair for natural or legal persons lacking sufficient economic resources.


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